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Non-Stop Warfare

Non-Stop Warfare

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Over the years there was somewhat of an upgrade to the battle guns used in World War I. they added a rod to the end of the gun and put a hole just deep enough to fit in the back of the knife for a faster melee attack on the opponent. Also, they changed the reload spot. So when you have to reload you can just drop the bullets in the slot instead of having to lift the switch for every single bullet. So, this was better and made the amount of shots fired in the war increase. The guns way more deadly than the other guns shown before because it has way more bullets and it can reload 10x faster than both of the other guns. Which will basically create a non-stop warfare. It has an aim in the front for more accuracy. It has a clip from 55-100 bullets in each, and each soldier has at least 9 to 10 of these clips on them at all times. It has a grip for your hand to fit perfectly into the gun. This gun has tripled the speed of death rates in the wars today.

measures 2x3"

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